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The Ultimate 3D Cinema Experience

RealD 3D

RealD 3D Cinema Experience

It’s good guys. Bad guys. Cyborgs and wizards. Flying. Diving. Ooh-ing and ahh-ing. It’s the edge of your seat, back of your seat, you’re out of popcorn but you’re not leaving your seat. It’s characters you can touch. Worlds you can unlock. And explosions that will blow your mind. It’s seeing movies in another dimension, literally. It’s RealD 3D.

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RealD Cinema


RealD Cinema is the next generation of premium format and premium large format movie theaters designed using RealD’s foundational knowledge of 3D and curated with cutting-edge cinema technologies to deliver a truly immersive cinema experience.

RealD Captivating 3D


RealD’s patented light-doubling systems are the most-light efficient on the market. From the XL to the Ultimate 3D (U3D) system and beyond, RealD’s future-proof technology preserves HDR and is optimized for laser projection. It’s the magic of movies!