The Long Game Poster

Released Apr 12, 2024

The Long Game

PG 1h 52m

Directed by: Julio Quintana

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Brett Cullen, Oscar Nuñez, Jay Hernandez, Julian Works, Cheech Marin

Showing in:

Recliner Reserved

When JB Peña moves to the small town of Del Rio, TX to take over as the school district’s superintendent, his dreams of joining the prestigious, all-white Del Rio Country Club are immediately squashed. However, soon he meets a group of high schoolers who happen to caddy at the club—they too are prohibited from playing the same course because of the color of their skin. So JB and them band together, at first with the aim of winning tournaments and making it to State, but quickly learn that there's a lot more to aim for—and a lot more on the line—when a team of Mexican-American teens competes and wins in this exclusive world. Based on "Mustang Miracle" by Humberto G. Garcia.