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Let's Get Taggin'

Lasertron at Santikos

Lasertron at Santikos Cibolo

Get ready for an electrifying experience at our Cibolo location, where laser tag is not just a game, but a pulse-pounding adventure! For only $7.50 per person, immerse yourself in a 30-minute session of high-octane laser tag, where the excitement never dims. Please note, players need to be at least 48 inches tall to participate. A waiver must be filled out during registration (or by a parent/guarding if under the age of 18.)

Available at our Cibolo location ONLY.

Addictive Game Play by Design

Our split-level arena is a marvel of interactive LED technology, setting the stage for a laser tag experience like no other in South Texas. As you delve into the game, every movement and hit is echoed through dynamic feedback from the arena and your vest, making you truly a part of the action. The battleground? A sprawling, multi-level domain where up to 24 players can engage in combat, making it the ultimate venue for friends and family to challenge each other.

Squad Up!

Each session consists of two thrilling 6-minute games, allowing you to dive deep into the strategies and teamwork that make laser tag a timeless favorite. Navigate through an enthralling labyrinth of glowing pillars, arches, and passageways, all set in a mesmerizing ambiance of black light or LED, complete with fog effects and a soundtrack that keeps your heart racing.

More Than Just a Game

Laser tag is more than just a game; it's an iconic activity that stands tall among classics like skeeball and air hockey. Strap on your armor, power up your laser, and step into the arena. It's an experience that instantly sends adrenaline surging through your veins!