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Let's Get Virtual

Hologate VR at Santikos

Hologate VR at Santikos Cibolo

Gather your crew and embark on an exhilarating journey through Hologate, where realities bend and adventure await at every turn. Arm yourself, secure your visor, and step into a fully realized digital universe. Here, the graphics are so crisp and immersive, you'll forget where the real world ends and the virtual one begins. Together with up to three companions, navigate treacherous landscapes, confront challenges, and rise as heroes in a narrative crafted by you.

Available at our Cibolo location ONLY.

More Than an Attraction

For just $8.00 per person, engage in an intense 8-minute session where you're not just playing a game—you're living it. Hologate VR is more than an attraction; it's a four-player sensation that combines cutting-edge graphics with complete sensory immersion, elevating your entertainment to heights unknown. Whether you band together as a formidable team or face off in a pulse-pounding player vs. player showdown, Hologate promises an unparalleled dimension of thrill and excitement.