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The Ultimate Audio-Visual Experience

Santikos AVX

Santikos Audio-Visual Experience (AVX)

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of cinematic luxury with the Santikos Audio-Visual Experience (AVX) - where every showing is an event in its own right. Santikos AVX offers the ultimate way to enjoy the latest blockbusters, turning ordinary movie nights into extraordinary visual and auditory journeys.

Available at our Casa Blanca, Cibolo, Mayan, Palladium, and Silverado locations

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Massive Screen

Discover a cinematic giant - a massive screen that immerses you completely. Casa Blanca boasts two of Texas's largest AVX screens in auditoriums 4 and 5. Experience unparalleled size.

Dramatic Imaging

Experience the zenith of clarity with Santikos AVX's 4K digital projection. It brings dramatic imaging, vibrant colors, and deep blacks, setting a new standard for visual excellence in cinema.

Powerful Surround Sound

Be enveloped by premium surround sound in our AVX auditoriums. This moving audio experience stimulates your senses, immersing you deeply into the film's universe like never before.

Luxurious Comfort

Relax in our spacious, plush recliners, offered in select AVX auditoriums. Designed for optimal comfort, they ensure you absorb every movie moment. Check the recliner icon when booking.