My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Dubbed

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Dubbed


English Dubbed Recliners Reserved Seating
Length: 100min
Director(s): TBC
Cast: TBC

A group of youths, professional superhero wannabes, fight in a world full of people with powerful 'gifts.' Deku and his partners from the Academy face Nine, the strongest villain yet.

It combines the superhero tradition of Marvel and DC comics with the story arc structure of popular battle shonen manga like international hits Naruto and Dragon Ball. Add on top of that an overarching story that examines the nature of the hero/villain dichotomy, and you’ve got a series that’s both fun and worth sinking your teeth into. Because of its superb storytelling and accessibility, the show has introduced anime to this generation the way Dragon Ball did for older fans decades ago. And why not? All of the ingredients to your favorite superheroes in the west are there. If you’ve ever liked American comics, then this is your best gateway into the manga scene.

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