Santikos Entertainment, San Antonio Sound Garden (SASG), and Alamo City Studios have joined forces to put on the Riffs and Reels Music Video Showcase.

In its inaugural year, Riffs and Reels premiered music videos produced by 9 selected local filmmakers for a diverse mix of top area musicians including Amea, Black Market Club, Josh Glenn Experiment, Lonely Horse, Love Killed the Hero, My Madness, Sioux and Fox, Tera Ferna and Volcan.

In the process, bands were provided a free music video while the filmmakers competed for the grand prize of $10,000 ($17,500 total in prizes.)

Local filmmakers featured in Riffs and Reels 2017 included:
Alejandro DeHoyos, Matthew Buikema, Dustin Jacobson, Rogelio Salinas, Sam Lerma, Rod Guajardo, Richard Jemal, Scott Langford and Freddie Munoz.

Music Videos Premiered at Riffs and Reels 2017

AMEA "VayCay" directed by Matthew Buikema

BLACK MARKET CLUB "Falling" directed by Sam Lerma

JOSH GLENN EXPERIMENT "Make Believe" directed by Rod Guajardo

LONELY HORSE "Holy Ghost Power" directed by Dustin Jacobson

LOVE KILLED THE HERO "Ride" directed by Scott Langford

MY MADNESS "Hold On Tight" directed by Rogelio Salinas

SIOUX AND FOX "We'll Be Alright" directed by Richard Jemal

TERA FERNA "Oh Tomorrow" directed by Freddie Munoz

VOLCÁN "Las Aves" directed by Alejandro DeHoyos


1st Place Award Winner

Rod Guajardo for "Make Believe" by JOSH GLENN EXPERIMENT

2nd Place Award Winner

Sam Lerma for "Falling" by BLACK MARKET CLUB

3rd Place Award Winner

Alejandro DeHoyos for "Las Aves" by VOLCAN


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