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Released Jun 26, 2020


R 1h 36m

Directed by: Antoine Le

Starring: Blanco Blanco, John Savage, Kelsey Griswold

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Recliner Reserved

When DropTheMike, a controversial 'vlogger of the macabre,' is offered a sponsorship from a famous clothing manufacturer if he can gain fifty thousand more subscribers to his vlogging site in two weeks, he kicks things into high gear and recruits three friends to do a special Halloween-edition vlog to be held inside the reputably haunted Hotel Lennox in downtown Los Angeles, where several famous serial killers stayed while on their killing sprees and where, more recently, a female tourist's body was found cooking inside the basement ventilation system. But when sinister things happen to the crew after they play a forbidden 'elevator ritual' game, DropTheMike commits himself to figuring out if it's malicious fans of his vlog messing with them, or the hotel's evil spirits intent on murdering them all.