Tickets and Policies
What is the age for a Senior and Child?
Discounted ticket prices are available for children ages 3-11 and for seniors age 60 and older.
What is Santikos’ ticket refund policy?
  • A ticket may be refunded prior to show start time at the theatre or during normal business hours at Santikos corporate office for any reason.
  • A movie ticket purchase cannot be refunded after the show time starts as Santikos has no further opportunity to re-sell that seat/ticket.
  • Exceptions to this refund policy will be made if a theatre operations incident occurs that prohibits/inhibits the guest from viewing the movie. In this case a refund can be processed up to 30 minutes after the actual movie has started, or immediately upon verification of movie disruption by manager. Such incidents might be due to power or technology interruptions, duplicate seats sold, canceled show times, disruptive guest behavior. Refunds in this case will only be given to guests who present ticket stubs and a receipt of tickets purchased.
  • In no case will a movie ticket be refunded after a guest has viewed the entirety of the movie.
Where can I find MPAA movie ratings info?
Information regarding the MPAA movie ratings is at
What is Santikos rated R policy?
  • As of July 18th, 2014 Santikos’ policy for ticket sales to films rated “R” by the MPAA is as follows:
  • Tickets to R-rated films will not be sold to guests under the age of 17          
  • A guest must be 21 or older to purchase multiple tickets to R-rated films without presenting ID for each ticket purchased
  • Children ages 6 and under are not allowed to attend R-rated films at Santikos Theatres
  • Santikos employees are trained to check at ticket stands and auditorium doors for picture ID of guests appearing under our age restrictions and may refuse admittance if picture ID cannot be provided
  • These admission procedures apply to all tickets purchased via the internet, ticketing kiosks, mobile devices and the box office.
What is Santikos policy on bringing large bags into the theatre?
To ensure the safety of our guests and team members, Santikos Theatres reserves the right to inspect the contents of any parcels, large purses, bags, etc... prior to entry. If prohibited items are present in the bag, the guest will be asked to secure the item in their vehicle. Prohibited items include but are not limited to alcohol, recording devices, outside food and beverage. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to hold or secure any bag for any guests.
What is needed for a military discount?
We are proud to offer a discount to members of the armed forces. We do ask that you present a valid military ID at the box office. If a ticket is purchased online, a valid ID will be required at the ticket podium
What is a pass?
  • We have several different types of passes with different restrictions.
  • Guest Passes may be exchanged at the box office for a ticket to any film that is not pass restricted. An additional charge is required for premium experiences (IMAX, AVX, D-BOX and 3D films.) In addition, Guest Passes are not valid for Concerts and Special Events.
  • VIP Passes may be exchanged at the box office for a ticket to any film regardless of any pass restrictions. An additional charge will be required for D-BOX seats. VIP Passes are not valid for Concerts and Special Events unless indicated.
  • Rainchecks: May be exchanged at the box office for admission to any film regardless of any pass restrictions and may be used for IMAX, D-BOX and 3D films. Rainchecks are not valid for Concerts and Special Events unless indicated.
When are passes valid?
Some film studios prohibit the use of Guest Passes for the first 14 days of their film’s release. This restriction applies to Guest Passes.
What are the ticket prices?
Ticket prices vary by location. To check prices, select the theatre you wish to attend, find Prices/Policies on the upper left side of the page (above picture of the theatre)
Do you offer discounted tickets for different times or days?
  • There are several periods where ticket prices are discounted.  Please check your preferred theatre for details.  Note that special events may be excluded from these pricing discounts.  Premium experiences (IMAX, DBOX and 3D) carry an additional charge.
  • Matinee pricing applies to all theatres and is valid for any film starting before 5pm, 7 days a week
  • Extravaganza discount pricing applies to the following locations; Embassy, Rialto and Northwest.  This is for all shows between 4 and 6pm, 7 days a week
  • Early Bird discount pricing applies to the following locations; Silverado IMAX, Mayan Palace.  This is for shows starting before 12 noon, 7 days a week
  • Senior Day pricing is valid at the Silverado IMAX.  On Mondays, Guests age 60+ can enjoy discounted ticket prices.
How far in advance can I buy tickets?
This will vary according to the film. Some films have tickets on sale 4-6 week prior to the opening date. Generally though, tickets for the coming weekend are available by Wednesday morning.
What is the Bijou age restriction policy and why is it different?
The Santikos Bijou caters to a sophisticated adult audience and is an age restricted theatre. Children ages 12 thru 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 12 are not admitted at any time.


Purchasing Tickets online at using a computer
How do I buy an online ticket at
Select your preferred theatre, select your film, find your desired showtime, click the showtime link, select the quantity and types of tickets you need, select your preferred seat (for reserved seating locations and showtimes) and check out with a valid credit card. You can print your ticket right then and take it to the ticket taker for entry. Your ticket will also be emailed to you. You can also pick up your ticket at one of our kiosks or at the theatre box office.
How do I pick up or redeem my online ticket?
  • Online tickets can be picked up using many different methods.
  • Print at home-When you check out at, select Print tickets, Print it and bring it with you to the theatre and take directly to the ticket taker
  • Kiosks-Stop by the kiosk, insert the credit card used for your online purchase and your ticket(s) will be issued
  • Box office-Visit the box office and present the card used for  your online purchase.  The attendance will issue your tickets.
What forms of payment do you accept for online tickets?
Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or a debit card that features one of these logos
Can online tickets be refunded through the website?
    Santikos online ticket refund policy
  • Carefully confirm that the film name, showtime, quantity of tickets and especially the theatre and city are correct prior to purchasing your tickets.
  • Tickets purchased online are not refundable after the show starts. Because your seat is guaranteed for the entire showing, we are not able to offer online refunds for tickets.
  • An online ticket may be exchanged/swapped or refunded prior to the purchased show start time. This can only be done in person at the theatre, prior to the purchased show start time.
Can I use a gift card for my online ticket purchase?
Currently we cannot accept any gift cards for online purchases. This feature will be coming soon.
What if I don’t receive my email confirmation?
If you don’t receive your ticket confirmation, please check your spam folder. Ticket can sometimes end up there. If you still don’t have it, you can still visit the theatre and pick up your tickets by visiting the kiosks and inserting the card used for your online transaction or by visiting the theatre box office.
What if I have a question about my online ticket purchase?
If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Purchasing tickets via the Santikos mobile app
Where can I download the mobile app?
How do I buy tickets using the mobile app?
  • (Please note that the mobile app is not the same as going to using your mobile devices browser.  That method does not yet support reserved seat selection)
  • Select the theatre you wish to attend.  The films for the current day and the next 5 days are available.  Select the day, select the film (note that available showtimes and the amenities associated with those show times will be displayed) select your preferred time, select the quantity and type of tickets, select your seats (If it is a reserved seating showtime) and enter your payment information.  Once complete, the ticket will be sent to your mobile device and will aslo be emailed to you. 
Can I skip the box office after buying a ticket using the mobile app?
Yes, you can go directly to the ticket taker for entry. To show your mobile ticket…On the mobile app, click Account, then My Purchases and then select the ticket. It will display a barcode that the ticket taker will scan for entry.
Can I reserve seats using the mobile app?
The Santikos Premier mobile app allows users to select their seat using their mobile device. Reserved seating is offered at the following locations… Houston area: Palladium AVX & Silverado IMAX, San Antonio area: Palladium IMAX and Silverado.
How do I pick up my ticket?
  • Your ticket is already on your phone.  To show your mobile ticket…On the mobile app, click Account, then My Purchases and then select the ticket.  It will display a barcode that the ticket taker will scan for entry. 
  • Or you can go to the kiosk and insert the credit/debit card used for your mobile purchase.
  • You can also visit the theatre box office to pick up your ticket.


Purchasing tickets using an online ticketing partner website/mobile app
What is our policy on tickets purchased through and
Both Fandango and are our ticketing partners. Tickets purchased through them and their affiliated 3rd party websites are valid and accepted at the theatre. Please refer to their website for their policies and limitations. Santikos is unable to refund tickets purchased through their websites and mobile apps.
How do pick up my tickets purchased using Fandango and
Tickets may be picked up in a variety of ways. Use their print at home option and take the printed ticket directly to the podium; Visit a ticketing kiosk and insert the same credit/debit card used for the online purchase and your tickets will be issued; Visit the box office and present the same credit/debit card used for the online transaction.; If ticket was purchased using a mobile app, display the ticket to the ticket taker for scanning or acknowledgement.


How do I request a donation?
Submit your donation request to us at  These requests need to be submitted 30 days prior to the event.
How do I find more info about scheduling a group showing or private event?
We host numerous private events and parties every week.  To learn more, submit a reservation request to us at
How do I book a birthday party or learn more?
To learn more about our birthday party packages or to submit a reservation request click here
Who do I contact about in-theatre advertising?
We utilize two different companies for our on screen advertising.  Additional information is available at
Where can I buy a gift card?
Gift cards can be purchased at any theatre box office or online at
How do I check a gift card balance?
You can check your gift card balance at
How do I buy bulk Super Saver tickets?
Super Savers are discounted tickets that are purchased in bundles of 50. These make great incentives for employees or clients.  They are redeemable for an admission to any standard film. An additional charge is required for premium experiences (IMAX, AVX, D-BOX and 3D films.) Tickets are available for purchase by calling us at 210-496-1300
How do I request a film be shown?
If there is a film that you want to see played at one of our theatres, you can submit your suggestion to us at
How do I sign up to receive the Santikos newsletter?
Stay in touch with everything happening at your favorite theatre and signupfor our weekly newsletter here


Loyalty program
What happened to the Santikos Loyalty Rewards program?
We recently upgraded our software operating system to provide many improvements for our guests.  Because of the many new options, we decided to freshen up the program, with more user-friendly features, better reward tracking and exclusive offers for loyalty members.
What is Santikos Loyalty Rewards?
Santikos Loyalty Rewards is the current loyalty program that allows members to earn points for dollars they spend at any Santikos Theatre point of sale, from movie tickets and concessions to the restaurant/bar!  Members will receive one point for each dollar spent at the theatre, online or the mobile app. 

A great perk of the new program that you are sure to love is the elimination of restrictions on how many points you may earn in a day.  So if you spend $75, you will receive 75 points!  The key to this new program is surely its simplicity and ease of use. 

Santikos Loyalty Rewards members will receive $5 reward credits upon accumulating 75 points.  The $5 reward credits may be redeemed for any purchase at a Santikos Theatre point of sale.
How do I get my new card so I can begin to earn points?
Membership is $8.00 and may be acquired by either of these two methods:
1. Sign up at any Santikos Movie Theatre with the following
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Pay your $8.00 one time membership Fee
2. Sign up online at, click the ‘Sign Up’ button and fill out the details
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Pay your $8.00 one time membership Fee

Any of these two methods will make you “active” in our system.
What is the schedule for receiving the $5 Reward credits?
Whenever you accumulate 75 points, you will receive a $5 in loyalty dollars automatically. You may use your points at anytime or save them for a special occasion.
How will I receive my Santikos Loyalty Reward credit?
Your Santikos Loyalty Reward credit will be stored on your Loyalty Rewards account.  To check your point balance and see any $5 credits you have accumulated you may visit and either check you balance or log in to your account using the email and password you created.
What do my Santikos Loyalty Reward credits buy?
Santikos Loyalty Rewards credits may be redeemed for movie tickets, concession items, restaurant/cafe and bar purchases, bowling games, gelato and yogurt. Reward credits may not be used to purchase gift cards, Super Savers or auditorium rentals. Reward credits must be used at the time of purchase and may not be exchanged for credit on a previous purchase.  Reward credits have no cash value.
Will I receive points for my online movie ticket purchases or Santikos Mobile app?
Yes, purchases made on either or the Mobile app will accumulate points to your loyalty account for any purchases made. You will need to be sure that you are signed in to your account prior to making the purchase so that your account is credited.
What if I forget my Santikos Loyalty Rewards card? Will I get credit?
No worries if you forget your Santikos Loyalty Rewards. We have your virtual card number and all we need is your mobile number you signed up along with your first name. You can receive credits on the spot for your transactions without your card. Points are only available post-transaction if the loyalty system malfunctions; i.e. the card swipe malfunctions or the computer is inaccessible or within a two week period of the transaction date.
My Santikos Loyalty Rewards card was lost or stolen… what do I do?
With virtual cards it makes very difficult for your card to be lost or stolen. If you feel that there is any potential fraud please contact us and we can research your account. Your points and loyalty dollars will transfer to your new account.
I want to allow my wife/husband or child to use my Santikos Loyalty Rewards card, is that okay?
Certainly, members of your immediate family may all use the same loyalty account. 
What is the best way to contact Santikos Theatres with additional questions or if I am experiencing problems Santikos Loyalty Rewards card?
Please visit and click the ‘Contact Us’ button.  Please fill out as much information as possible and a Customer Support Specialist will be in touch as soon as possible. 

For all other inquiries, please fill out the Contact Us form


Movie experiences
What is Digital Cinema?
Digital cinema is new digital technology that has replaced film in cinemas. It provides a perfect picture each and every show.
What is AVX?
AVX is the Ultimate Audio Visual Experience and is our highest standard of projection quality. AVX auditoriums feature oversized wall to wall and floor to ceiling screens, 4K digital projection and a premium sound system featuring Dolby Atmos or Barco Auro 11.1 sound.
What is Dolby Atmos?
Dolby® Atmos™ is a revolutionary new theatre audio system. It offers precision placement and movement of sound pulls audiences into the story for a unique movie experience. It features 64 individual channels of sound to create an immersive sound around you.
What is IMAX?
IMAX is large screen projection technology that is designed to deliver the absolute premium, immersive movie going experience on a giant screen
What are D-Box seats?
D-Box seats are motion control seats that are synchronized with the film that allow you to “Live the Action”
How does Order In service work?
Order In service is available at select locations and is indicated by an icon below the showtime on the theatre’s showtime page. Just head into the theatre and one of our servers will take your order and bring your food and drink directly to your seat. For the best experience we suggest arriving 30 minutes before showtime.
What is a VIP theatre?
Our theatres listed as VIP are reserved for guests ages 18 and older only. Children are not permitted even if accompanied by an adult.
How does Reserved seating work?
We offer Reserved Seating at the following theatres: San Antonio area-Palladium IMAX & Silverado. Houston area- Palladium AVX & Silverado IMAX. Select your own seat and relax knowing that you do not have to wait in any line to get your favorite spot in the theatre. You can select your seat at the box office, kiosk, using a PC and the Santikos Premier mobile app. PLEASE NOTE: Mobile device users that visit using their mobile browser or have not yet upgraded to the new Santikos Premiere mobile app do not have the ability to pick a specific seat using a mobile device. Seats will be issued on a “Best Available” basis.


Food and Beverage
Can I take my food into the theatre?
Yes. Any food or drink item that is purchased at the theatre can be taken into the auditorium.
Can I bring my own food and drink to the theatre?
No. We do not permit outside food and drink inside the theatre. The only exception to this rule will be a birthday cake for a booked party.
What kind of food do you offer?
Our food choices vary widely by location. Seven of our theatres offer additional restaurant/café choices. Please refer to the menu/amenities tab located at the top left of the theatre showtime page. Each of our theatres offer traditional theatre concessions. Also, beer and wine is available at each of our theatres.
Which theatres feature a full bar including liquor?
Full bar service is available at the following theatres, San Antonio area-Palladium IMAX and Rialto Brewhaus and Houston area-Palladium AVX and Silverado IMAX